Start accepting crypto payments

Accept crypto payments instantly on your website

Accept payments on your website

All API calls are implemented as HTTP Post. Requests must be made to our API endpoint located at[METHOD]

Download our library below

Once you have downloaded our library paste the following example into your development environment to generate an address to accept payments. your end-user can send any amount to the address and you will be notified - learn more about this in the next step below

define("API_KEY", "YOUR_API_KEY");
$amount = $_POST["amount"];
$callback_url = "";
$api_client = new SendBitApi(API_KEY, API_SECRET);
$api_client->setCoin("BTC"); // set coin (BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH)
$api_client->setField("callback_url", $callback_url);
$response = $api_client->process();
if($response["response_code"] != 200) {
} else {
$address = $response["address"];
$qr_code_url = $response["qr_code"];
echo "Please send" .$amount. " to" .$address. "";

Once your end-user sends a payment to the generated address you will get the following details sent back to your callback_url